Releasing DFD Q2 2023 – Our Timeline and the road ahead

Notice: Since the last two community updates were not available on our website for a while, we decided to repost them here.

Greetings Traveller!

We have a lot to announce in this community update, so without further ado let’s get straight into it!

The Release Date for DFD

At the end of last year, we made the difficult decision to delay the beta and the release of DFD by an undisclosed amount of time. Contrary to our expectations, you guys – the Community – accepted this generously and gave us even more motivation to continue. 

Since then we decided to wait with announcing a release date until we are certain that we can meet the new deadline.

That’s why we are especially happy that in this Community Update, we are finally able to announce that DFD’s release date has been set for Q2, 2023! At the same time, the beta for DFD is scheduled for the end of 2022

Taking your feedback from the community survey into account: We are planning to provide you with a feature- and content-rich game, which allows for a truly immersive tabletop experience rather than a simple tech demo that does not withstand any actual TTRPG campaigns. But how do we achieve this?

Dungeon Full Dive Levels Up

Next to the reveal of the release date of DFD, we have an equally exciting announcement to make.

We were able to secure over 600.000€ in funding to step up the development of Dungeon Full Dive! With that, we are almost tripling the resources behind DFD. What does this mean?

tl;dr: We can make DFD gooder.

Long version:

We have just received a special federal grant for video game developers (“Computerspielförderung”) from the German government worth more than 250.000€. Along with that, we were also able to secure additional funds worth over 350.000€ coming from a variety of sources; including smaller government funds and investors. The official press releases are still in the works and you can expect more information about this topic in the upcoming weeks.

The funding enables us to welcome additional, talented industry veterans into the TxK Gaming family. We are very eager to let you meet them in the following Community Updates. So look forward to that! Adding their knowledge and expertise to our party, we plan to take Dungeon Full Dive to the next level!

Speaking of updates…

Our Community Roadmap 

Last but not least, we have also worked on the Dungeon Full Dive – Community Roadmap. With it, we want to provide you with a short overview of what you can keep an eye out for in these updates including – of course – our major milestonescommunity events, and various insights into the development:

The Dungeon Full Dive Comunity Roadmap

We have a lot of exciting things planned for the future and hope that you enjoyed reading this community update. If you ever want to hang out with us and the community, feel free to join our Discord. We are just excited as you are for the release of Dungeon Full Dive.

And with that:

We are truly looking forward to seeing you inside DFD!

~Tom and Khang

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