Growing the Team for Dungeon Full Dive & DFD on Steam Wishlist!

Greetings Traveler,

Welcome back to our latest community update! One of the most exciting things that we have been working on in the last 2 months was growing the team around DFD. Therefore we would love to start this community update by proudly introducing you to the new faces of the team:

 Updates to the family 

New Party Members

Since our last update, the TxK family has grown quite a bit!

On the art side, we have Janina, Mathis and Till joining our party.

Janina will be responsible for creating beautiful animations for DFD.  At the same, she will also support all the other areas of the 3D-Asset pipeline such as modeling, texturing, and concepting.

Mathis has joined the art team as a character- and creature artist.  He will focus on creating brave heroes for us to fight alongside and dangerous enemies for us to vanquish. 

Till on the other hand will be working on creating stunning concept art to accelerate the work of the whole art team. 

Additionally, we also have V̶a̶x̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶V̶e̶x̶  Robert and Robert (yes two different Roberts) joining our Team.

Robert (also called “Bob”) has joined the development team as a Senior Developer. With more than 15 years of experience, he will work on developing various features for DFD. 

Robert will also support the development team. But rather than developing, he will assist the developers with quality assurance by doing lots and lots of QA-Testing. 

If you are interested, you can also find more information about each of the new team members on our team page!

 Going forward with Community Updates 

Updated schedule

In our latest community Update, we happily announced the DFD Community Roadmap. As part of the community roadmap, we are planning to release some bigger development insights:

The DFD Community Roadmap

At the same time, we are currently deeply buried in working on big parts of the core of the game, which makes it hard for us to share meaningful progress as frequently as once a month. For the time being, announcements will take longer depending on the workload, but we aim to have an announcement out on roughly a bi-monthly basis. We know that reducing the number of announcements might keep you on your toes for more than you would like to, especially the eagerly excited ones of you. 

However, at the same time, it allows us to focus on the important work of developing the game. In the future, we aim to pass the communication to a dedicated community manager to make sure all of your wishes are heard (If you are interested in this position or know someone who could be, feel free to check out our career page!).

In addition, we are also investigating other ways to bring status information to all of you in a lighter format ―outside of the big announcements― via our different social media channels. So make sure to follow us there in case you would like to participate!

You can find our Discord over here, our Twitter over here, and our Reddit over here

 Dungeon Full Dive coming to Steam Wishlist 

Last but not least, we’d like to announce that Dungeon Full Dive is now officially available for Wishlisting on Steam! At the same time, the Late Pledge options on Backerkit for DFD will be disabled by the end of this month.  With the Late Pledge options being closed, we are able to slowly move forward to the finals release platforms: E.g. our steam page.  You can check it out over here.


If you want to show us some support, please feel free to wishlist DFD on Steam! We’ll also keep working on the steam page in the following months by updating it with new content. 

And with this final announcement, we’d like to wrap up this community update!

As always: We are truly looking forward to seeing you inside DFD!

– Your TxK Gaming Team

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