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Games-Förderung: NRW versorgt 16 Studios mit fast 700.000 Euro

06. June 2021,

Die Film- und Medienstiftung NRW beteiligt sich an der Finanzierung von 16 Games-Projekten mit fast 700.000 Euro…

VR Tabletop Gaming Platform ‘Dungeon Full Dive’ Completes Kickstarter with $285K

Scott Hayden, 27. May 2021,

Dungeon Full Dive is an upcoming tabletop gaming platform that aims to bring PC and PC VR players together online to play their favorite role-playing games. Now its month-long Kickstarter campaign is over, garnering the team over $285,000…

WATCH: Dungeon Full Dive Video Reveals Features To Simulate Tabletop RPG Games In VR

Harry Baker, 17. May 2021,

Dungeon Full Dive VR Dungeon & Dragons style adventure game

Julian Horsey, 31. March 2021,

Soon the small development team at indie TxK Gaming Studios will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign for their new virtual reality Dungeon & Dragons style adventure in the form of the highly anticipated Dungeon Full Dive…