Dungeon Full Dive

What is Dungeon Full Dive?

Dungeon Full Dive is a TTRPG that will make your tabletop worlds real and enables you to actually be inside your own tabletop world! For the first time ever, the players will be able to see, interact and walk around in the worlds of their adventures: may it be a forest deep inside the kingdom of elves, a dark mysterious dungeon, or a small cozy tavern for the adventurers to rest. Create your own adventures in Dungeon Full Dive!

Dungeon Full Dive can be played with the traditional mouse and keyboard… or in VR. And of course: cross-play will be supported between all PC and VR-Players, so you will be able to play with all of your friends and like-minded tabletop enthusiasts from all across the globe.


In Dungeon Full Dive we will stay true to the turn-based combat mechanics that we all loveso prepare yourself for (virtual) dice! To take Combat to the next level, however, you can now place miniature characters, monsters and even entire buildings on your table, switch into the eyes of your miniature with the press of a button, to then play and fight as that character. No more asking if you have line of sight. 


Have you ever wanted to actually be the hero in your adventures? No more describing: pick your hero and dive into your adventure. Your friends don’t have to imagine that you are a half-orc anymore, since you can actually be a half-orc in-game. You can choose and play a character in first person and even create your own character in our character editor. 

The gamemaster will be able to shapeshift into a wide variety of different characters, monsters and magical creatures with the click of a button. Thus, they will be able to talk to the players as actual giants, orcs, elves and many other mystical creatures, making the experience all the more immersive.


From mystical forests to cozy taverns, snowy mountains, or lost dungeons. For the first time ever, you will be able to walk around in your own tabletop worlds. Your gamemaster can choose from a wide variety of worlds for the party to play in. Make the maps your own, modify them, mix and match them and of course create your own 3D battlemaps in our mapbuilder. We will also continue to create more free worlds after release for the players to explore. 

If you already have some maps prepared for your campaign, or simply want to replay your favorites, don’t worry, you can also play on classic 2D battle maps; just import your files (pdf, png, etc.) into Dungeon Full Dive and you are good to go. 

Similarly, if you have pre-existing notes from games that have already begun, you can easily import your files into your in-game journal. Furthermore, taking notes on the fly will be easier than ever before, just pop up your in-game journal and use it like a whiteboard.


Dungeon Full Dive will be released as a computer game, that can be played both with and without a VR-Headset. We plan to release Dungeon Full Dive in 2022 on Steam and the Oculus Store. The Beta, however, is planned for this year already, so if you want to get early-access to the game, you can pre-order the game on Backerkit.


You can play any tabletop RPG that you want! You can easily import any character sheets or notes into DFD. Furthermore, DFD will include game mechanics and stat integration for DnD 5e on launch. That means that things like initiative tracking can be done with just a click of a button. 

Yes. If you don’t have time to write your own campaigns, you can pick one of our prebuilt campaigns with carefully written stories, NPCs and even encounters, your Gamemaster can host a thrilling game night even without any preparation. You can also modify our campaigns to make your own, unique adventures or write your own campaigns of course.

We want to give our players all the tools they need for their tabletop adventures. We will continuously add new content to the game and listen to the wishes of the community; so while we currently plan to support the fantasy settings at launch only, additional settings are definitely on our radars for the post-launch roadmap. 

Custom 3D model import was part of the 50.000€ stretch goal, and thus, will be part of the game. This will also allow the import of battlemap asset models from 3rd party systems. 

A grid system for movement will be available, as well as the option to turn the grid off for free movement. Also, a system to help you track how far you can move each turn is planned. 

Yes, Dungeon Full Dive supports traditional mouse and keyboard input as well as VR-devices. 

Dungeon Full Dive can be played with any VR Headset! For now, if you want to use the Quest you can simply connect it by linking it to your laptop or computer. After the full release, native Quest support is one of the first things on our planned feature agenda, that we will look into. 

5e stats are integrated and you can use the in-game UI to create and track your character stats. If you want to use another ruleset or have pre-existing character sheets lying around, you can also import those into the game.