Monthly Development Update #4: Meet the Team!

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Hello everybody!

Today, we are back with another community update and today

… we are finally introducing our team: The TxK Gaming Family

Starting off with…

The Developers

Tom – The “T” in TxK Gaming
Khang – The “K” in TxK Gaming

Khang and Tom are the founders of TxK Gaming and the ones with the original idea for Dungeon Full Dive. They are both certified software engineers in their early 20s, who have gained real work experience leading and coordinating projects prior to the Kickstarter project.

They are both avid gamers, pen and paper nerds and VR connoisseurs. 

Jonas – Developer, Gamemaster and Composer

Developing the game alongside Khang and Tom is Jonas, who has been programming for over a decade now, developing real-time strategy and action indie games for about half that time. Although Jonas doesn’t play as many games as he used to anymore, the ones he does find the time to play he is very passionate about. He fully commits himself to mastering them – difficulty is no compromise. In terms of Tabletop games, he has been an active dungeon master in a homebrew universe for 2 years. Outside of gaming, he likes to compose, record, and produce music. Occasionally, he’ll posts them on his soundcloud.

The Artists

The art team, consisting of Tim, Lina, and Sofia, are the ones making Dungeon Full Dive look as good as it does, creating immersive sceneries, such as the tavern and pirate ship. With the right program, creativity and just a liiiittle touch of magic, they are the ones bringing your fantastic worlds, monsters, and characters to life.

So, who are they?

Tim – The swiss army knife

 Tim is the Swiss guy of the bunch. He used to be in graphic design but chose to get a degree in Game Art & Animation because – let’s be real – that’s just way more fun. After an internship back in Switzerland he now started his new adventure in Cologne.

Lina – DSA tabletop fan

Lina holds a degree in 3D Animation & Visual Effects, loves to dive into fantastic worlds and is a passionate Pen and Paper player. 

Sofia – aspiring 3D artist

Sofia is currently studying Media Design and is just about to graduate from Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. She is a horror, music, video game lover and 80s fanatic who likes to game with friends, play guitar and roam the night to explore the local alternative scene.

And last but not least…

And last but not least…

That one marketing intern

Benni – That one awesome marketing guy!

Benjamin is the newest addition to our team and is probably the one talking to you all, as he is involved in all things media, community, and press. He loves competitive video games and most importantly, he is way better at video games than Khang. [Edit: “This is not true” ~Khang].

Partners and Co-Developers

Of course, we also shan’t forget about our trusted partners and co-developers, who are working alongside us, aiding and advising us on our way to creating Dungeon Full Dive, the two german game studios: Spellfusion and Alpha Blend Interactive. So feel free to check them out, as well!

nyway, that wraps up our community update for this month and if you want to read more about our team, about TxK Gaming in general, or Dungeon Full Dive, check out our website, including our new team page here!

And as always,

We are looking forward to seeing you inside DFD!

– Your TxK Gaming Team

P.S. If you haven’t already, feel free to fill out your Backerkit reward survey to claim your Discord role! If you are unable to find your reward survey & want to request a new reward e-mail or if you want to preorder DFD you can do so here:

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