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About Us

TxK Gaming Studios is a German start-up company based in Düsseldorf. We are currently working on the world’s most immersive VR tabletop game: Dungeon Full Dive.

Our History

The company was founded by Khang Pham and his friend and co-worker Tom Bockhorn, both of whom are avid gamers and longtime gamemasters, with a passion for VR gaming.


We, here at TxK Gaming Studios, are trying to revolutionize both tabletop gaming and VR gaming. We aim to make Dungeon Full Dive the most immersive tabletop game ever, that is accessible to everybody, so you can play together with all your friends, no matter where you are.


After the release of Dungeon Full Dive we will continue on our path to revolutionize VR gaming, whilest continuously creating new content for our pilot project. We believe that Virtual Reality is the next step in the evolution of gaming and will try our best to push the industry forward.

The Crew

Meet the Team

Our team consists of a diverse mix of young and creative minds
who have come together to revolutionize VR and tabletop gaming

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CEO & Co-Founder

Khang is the central piece of TxK Gaming, coordinating the efforts of our team, whilest simultaneously helping out in development. He graduated from university as a certified Software Engineer and is specialized in game design and project management. He enjoys playing piano and watching anime in his off-time.

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Co-Founder & Programmer

Tom is the motor of development, leading and coordinating the team’s work. He also graduated from university as a certified Software Engineer and is specialized in software architecture and development tasks. He is an avid gamer, RPG geek and loves playing tabletop games in his spare time.



Gameplay Programmer

Jonas forges your virtual experience to be as interactive as it can be and focuses on providing a level of gameplay depth you can fully dive into. He has been programming for over a decade, has been an active dungeon master in a homebrew universe for 2 years and loves to produce music in his free time.



3D Artist

As part of the 3D Art team, Tim will work on a wide variety of challenges and assets, aiming to make the game look as pretty as possible. Tim is the Swiss guy of the bunch, has got a degree in game & art animation and is a sucker for an epic fantasy story, whether it’s games, books or on TV.

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3D Artist

Lina brings fantastic worlds, monsters and characters to life. All you need for the spell is the right program and a little touch of magic. She has a degree in 3D Animation & Visual Effects, is a passionate Pen and Paper player and loves to dive into fantastic worlds.



Senior Programmer

Robert takes the game design from paper to an interactive adventure. He has worked in the multimedia, entertainment and gaming industry for over 15 years. Be it simulators, cinemas, custom hardware, mobile or desktop he creates stuff to entertain and educate with fun. He also gives lectures about procedural generation and virtual reality for programmers.

Robert is an avid pc gamer and especially likes rpg and strategy games. Outside of work and gaming, he likes to relax by reading books and binging sci-fi and fantasy series.



3D Art & Coordination

Janina animates creatures and characters and has an eye on the Look Development. Janina is a passionate gamer and artist since she can remember. She studied Design and worked in the film industry as an Animator. In the past years she decided to switch to the game industry to create cool stylized Assets.

Janina is always motivated and creative. She loves to paint conceptart and play Survival Games.



3D Character Artist

Mathis is crafting badass player avatars, memorable NPC’s and intimidating monsters to inhabit the worlds and making sure they look good doing it. He graduated from university in Animation & Game Art and has been drawing and gaming in his free time since forever.




He codes.

Magnus is a programmer from Stuttgart, who studied games programming at SAE Institute and has created a few indie games himself. He is more of a casual gamer with the occasional speed run mixed in. In his free time, he likes to play games, develop some minor stuff by himself and do digital painting.



General Artist

Steven is a driving force behind the technical art of the project with his ideas and skillset. He builds workflows and shaders and optimizes our pipeline to have a nice-looking game that also runs smoothly. He is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree of game graphics production at Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) in Belgium. 

Steven is fascinated by making games as they combine every aspect of art that interests him, be it visual design, storytelling, music, sound, film and composition with the factor of ever evolving technology. He has an easy and outgoing personality with a hint (a lot of) quirkiness to it.



Concept Art Intern

Till is responsible for concept art. He develops the look of Characters, Environments and Items and helps with exploring the general visual language of DFD. Till is studying Animation and Game at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. He has a burning passion for drawing and painting. He also enjoys the medium of film in addition to games and cooking with friends, even though the outcome might vary.



QA Intern

Robert is testing all the neat features in the game as well as his limits of learning something new.

He worked for several art-house cinema publishers until settling in as a post-production supervisor for Pandora Film. The call to help making videogames was too strong, so he’s now happily interning while studying for his master’s degree at Zeppelin University. He likes to play obscure DnD characters, tilt in the occasional Moba game and dj’s weird 80s pop sets at 4 in the morning.



Concept Art Intern

Falk is mainly specialized in Character Design. He is artistically exploring the different playable classes and designing individual armor sets for you to equip on your own character. After graduating from High-school, Falk worked on his concept art skills by participating workshops and online courses such as Brainstorm School. He is now enrolled as an upcoming Game Art student at the Cologne Game Lab.

His childhood was shaped by plenty of drawing and playing Super Mario games past bedtime. He’s now a passionate gamer, artist, movie watcher, dancer and daydreamer drinking too much coffee. 



QA Intern

Julian tests dev-builds, feature prototypes and coordinates bug testing.

He is currently studying Japanology & Sociology and playing a bunch of Video Games. Apart from this, Julian is interest in game development and video games in general as well as green tea, fantasy, movies/cinematography, politics & economics.


Marketing Manager / Intern

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Partners & Co-Developers

alphablend interactive
Alpha Blend Interactive

Spellfusion and Alpha Blend Interactive are our trusted partners and co-developers in our journey to create Dungeon Full Dive.