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The future of tabletop gaming. Create your own characters and dive into a new adventure.

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Funded by backers on Kickstarter, TxK Gaming Studios is a German start-up company, set to create the most immersive TTRPG ever.

Meet the team Behind

TxK Gaming Studios

A small team that packs a punch. Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, TxK Gaming Studios aims to shatter the stigma of virtual TTRPGs.


Our developers are also always hard at work with implementing everything the player needs to feel the TTRPGs come to life. Be it a powerful character editor, an easy to grasp, yet complex UI or various map-building features.


Our goal is to connect TTRPG players from around the world in a setting, that offers them the most immersive experience possible. For this, our artists are always working on new concepts, 3D-models and immersive worlds. In the end, you should feel like TTRPGs aren’t a fantasy anymore, but right in front of you, at your grasp.